Tas Staf KB

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Legacy, Innovation, and Craftsmanship


Kevin Burns Golf distinguishes itself as one of the few family-owned golf club manufacturers worldwide. Through on-site production and decades of expertise, each club and accessory undergoes meticulous refinement under Kevin Burns' discerning oversight. Our heritage is rooted in years of education, experimentation, and skill, culminating in the crafting of the golf industry's most exceptional quality and high-performing putters to date.


In 1996, the KB pioneered the use of a copper insert in the face of a milled putter and introduced the first two-piece construction in a milled putter, revolutionizing putter design. By 1999, they set a new industry standard by incorporating tungsten weights. In 2001, partnering with Bridgestone Golf, they produced around 40,000 putters, earning recognition as one of Japan's top three handmade putter manufacturers.

USA Made

Kevin Burns Golf proudly manufactures its products on-site in California, USA, ensuring complete control over the entire process. Kevin has direct control over the entire process from concept and testing to milling, painting, packaging, and shipping, each hand-crafted item is meticulously produced. Our dedication to craftsmanship means you'll wield a putter crafted by experts, highlighting American ingenuity in golf.