Our Story

From Humble Beginings


From Humble Beginings

Kevin Burns Golf began its journey in 1989 in a small garage in Mountain View, California, initially focusing on club repair. By 1991, driven by his success, Kevin Burns redirected his expertise towards designing and crafting putters, establishing a new chapter for his business. Kevin dedicated himself to mastering the art of putter design, combining meticulous craftsmanship with innovative techniques.


The Birth of the Model 9301 Putter

In 1991, having found much success Kevin shifted his attention to designing and crafting putters. Frustrated that he was not getting the quality and craftsmanship he desired as a result of contracting out the manufacturing of his putters, Kevin decided to use the money he and his wife had saved for a home and bought his first milling machine in 1993. Kevin is a self taught machinist who acquired his expertise from being purely determined, trial and error and constantly reading manufacturing books to improve his knowledge. A few months into perfecting his first putter, the model 9301 was born. Kevin was now able to create and capture his artistry and perfection and mold it from a single billet of steel into a piece of art.



Kevin Burns has remained at the forefront of golf equipment innovation, pioneering advances that set him apart from other putter craftsmen. In 1996, after years of design, He was the first to incorporate a copper insert in a putter face and design the two-piece hosel.

Kevin Burns introduced copper inserts into his putter designs to address the effects of the black oxide plating process. This process, which involves heating the putters to extremely high temperatures, results in case hardening. Although this hardening does not impact the feel of the putter, it does affect the sound of the ball coming off the putter face. To improve both the sound and the aesthetic appeal, Kevin incorporated copper, achieving a harmonious balance of performance and beauty in his putters.


Our Big Breakthrough

In the year 1996, in the month of February, Kevin had his first breakthrough. The PGA Tour was stopped in Los Angeles, California for the Nissan Open. Kevin and reps were present working with numerous PGA Tour Professionals that included Craig Stadler. After Craig began talking with friends from college, he misplaced his putter that he planned on using for the tournament. He had remembered that Kevin gave him a putter to try out and he immediately sent his caddy to retrieve it. You see, When the television cameras zoomed in on Craig Stadler's putter, as he crouched over his final stroke, millions of viewers saw the words Kevin Burns jump onto their television screens. A break through that Kevin had been patiently waiting for. Craig Stadler proudly walked off the 72nd hole at Riviera Country Club with the championship in hand. Stadler won the event using a Kevin Burns Signature Series 9304 putter. 


1999 Masters

The year 1999 proved to be the biggest year for Kevin Burns Golf. To start the year off Kevin reinvented the weight. He was the first person to use tungsten metal as a weight in a putter. In April of that same year, José María Olazábal walked away a champion and Sergio Garcia won the low am from one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, The Masters. Olazabal and Garcia won the event using a Kevin Burns Signature Series 9304 putter. 


Bridgestone Golf Japan

Having found much success Kevin decided to partner with Bridgestone Golf Japan in the year 2001. From there, Kevin developed the famous Tour Stage line of putters. After years of a great partnership with Bridgestone Golf, Kevin decided to move onto a new project in 2004.


"Kustomized Series"

From 2005-2015, Kevin was researching and developing his new business model the "Kustomized Series". In those years Kevin developed his revolutionary fitting machine. The fitting machine features a state-of the-art biometric fitting arm that captures your exact length, lie, loft and weight. This gives every customer a tour level fitting experience and putter built specifically for them. 


"Customized Series"

From 2015 to 2017, Kevin Burns updated his milled putters to a two-piece configuration and launched the "Customized Series." The advantage of this two-piece interchangeable putter is that players are never confined to their putter setup. If a player desires more or less weight, a new neck style, or a different lie angle, it can be easily swapped out. Each putter is precisely milled for a snug fit, so seamless that most people do not even realize it is a two-piece putter. This offers a fully custom experience unlike any other putter company on the market.


Kevin Burns Golf Today

Since 2017, Kevin's son, Brendan, has joined the company, bringing a fresh perspective and adding a new dynamic to the brand, making Kevin Burns Golf one of the very few successful family-run businesses in golf. During this time period, KB Golf has expanded its lineup by reintroducing classics like the 9305 Long Neck and 9320 models and can be found on all major tours worldwide.

Thank you for supporting our family-owned brand.

"I believe in the artistry of putting. Each putter I create is a reflection of that belief, a fusion of craftsmanship and performance." - Kevin Burns

CEO and Founder

30+ Yrs

Founded in a small garage in Mountain View, California, as a club repair company in 1989. Kevin Burns has continued to be at the forefront of golf equipment innovation by making advances no other putter craftsman has ever. From breaking through as the first putter maker to utilize a copper insert, two piece hosel, and tungsten weights.

50+ wins

According to the Darrell Survey, Kevin Burns was continuously ranked amongst the top five in putters in play from 1996-2003. Boasting an impressive track record of over 50 tour victories globally, including the prestigious 1999 Masters victory and the 1999 Masters Low Amateur triumph. Today, KB Putters can still be found on all major tours.

USA Made

Kevin Burns Golf is one of the few family-owned golf club manufacturing companies in the world. Since 1993, KB Golf is proud to manufacture every production stage, from design and testing to milling, polishing, painting, and packaging. This meticulous, hands-on process ensures each club meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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