The road to our fully customized and personalized putter has been a long and innovative one. In 2009, Kevin Burns developed a revolutionary mobile putter fitting system designed to measure the ideal length, lie angle, and head weight  for any golfer’s unique setup and style. At Kevin Burns Golf, we pride ourselves on being able to fit you perfectly for our putters, so your final product not only looks incredible but also is unique to your stroke and actually improves your putting!  Our fitting process begins with a conversation about your grip, eye position, spine angle, hand position, face position, and weight distribution—all key elements in controlling face rotation—and how this affects your stroke and therefore your ideal putter. 

Next, we will put you on our mobile putter fitting system which measures—based on your setup—the ideal length, lie angle, and head weight of your new putter to match your setup and style.  How it works is the golfer takes the putter grip attached to a biometric arm as he would a putter, then, while looking down at the putter head and ball on a LED screen, gets into a comfortable posture.  When he / she is set the machine records the necessary angles and measurements.

Our fitting system calculates lie angle to within 0.185 degrees and the length to within 0.003 inches. This system ensures that the putter not only looks exactly how you want it to, but also fits your putting setup, posture, and style. To book your fitting please click here