Model 9320 Pre-Order


Under trademark regulations, we can NOT use Nikes logo. As stated below you will have the unique opportunity to pick out the artwork.

Because of the level of interest from our most recent social media post, we decided to bring this model back and do a limited run of 20 pieces. We decided to call it the 9320. The “20” comes from the 20 pieces that we will be making. We thought it would be extremely fun to create a Group Me chat room / Zoom call with all the buyers to collaborate together on the artwork of the putter and to meet one and another. In the Group Me chat room / Zoom call buyers will also have the option to collaborate on a head cover design amongst themselves. Please note that the name "Kevin Burns" is required to be written on the putter somewhere. Please note we will contact you to gather your specifications at a later date.

This putter is going to be a 1 piece configuration, your choice of carbon or stainless GSS, plumber neck only, and no weights on the sole of the putter. This putter will include your choice of length, lie, and head weight, all of course milled to your specifications. The head weights offered are going to be 340, 350 or 360 grams.

We have decided to do a standard light face mill and compliment the putter with a beautiful satin silver or raw finish (rusty). If you are looking for a different finish we can most definitely discuss but there will be an up charge for that. This putter includes a KBS chrome shaft, your choice of sight lines, paint fills, and a Kevin Burns grip.... There will be other options available for an up charge if desired. We kindly ask for a 30% down payment to reserve your spot ($240). This deposit will be non- refundable. The rest will be paid upon completion. Total price of this build will be $800.00 and is expected by the end of March.  If you have any questions please email or visit our contact form via

Value / Specifics On The 9320 Build

  • Buyers will have the opportunity to collaborate on the artwork of the putter and head cover design via Group me and Zoom. Date and time is TBD.
  • 1 piece monolithic configuration
  • Your choice of Carbon Steel or Stainless
  • Plumber neck only
  • No press fitted or interchangeable weights are being offered. Smooth and clean sole.
  • Milled to your exact specifications (length, lie, head weight)
  • Head weights being offered are 340, 350, and 360
  • Standard light face milling (as pictured)
  • Satin Silver Finish or raw finish (rusty). Please note the raw finish only works with carbon steel. 
  • Your choice of desired sight lines 
  • Your choice of paint fills 
  • A wide variety of custom Pure Grips offered in standard and mid-size.
  • KBS Black shafts, Stability Shafts, and LA Golf Shafts available for an up-charge
  • We will contact you to gather your specifications at a later date
  • Deposit is non refundable and required to secure your spot

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