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Packed with technology, ultimate customizations, and unmatched performance

Our Most Technically Sophisticated Putter Line Ever

Pyramid Grooves Face Milling

Our signature pyramid grooves have been meticulously crafted to offer a softer, more responsive feel with every stroke. Designed for superior performance, these grooves initiate immediate ball roll and reduce energy transfer to the ball, resulting in unparalleled speed control and accuracy.

Supported by scientific data from the Quintic machine, Kevin Burns Putters boast the smallest impact ratio on the market. This results in a truer roll and superior speed control.

Two-piece Interchangeable Hosel

Our innovative interchangeable hosel construction, enables effortless customization of lie angles, lofted heads, and neck styles.

Our advanced two-piece putter design eliminates the need for bending, as the lie angle is precision-machined directly into the neck of the putter. KB Golf is the sole company in the market to offer this cutting-edge feature

Tungsten Weighting

In 1996, Kevin Burns Golf made history as the pioneer in utilizing tungsten weighting in a putter. Today, Kevin Burns Putters proudly feature a dual tungsten weighting system. Specifically engineered, the "toe" weight is slightly larger than the "heel" weight to accommodate for the weight of the neck. This design ensures the sweet spot of the putter is precisely centered, a feature we refer to as "center balanced."