Model 9304


Engineered to outperform, the 9304 is a compelling statement of performance, luxury, and American craftsmanship.

Two-piece Interchangeable Construction

Every Kevin Burns is crafted from a solid block of 303 stainless steel with a focus on creating the finest milled-to-specification putters. Featuring an interchangeable hosel construction that allows for interchangeability of lie angles, lofted heads, and neck styles. 

Performance Tungsten Weighting 

In 1999 Kevin Burns was the first putter maker to ever utilize tungsten weights in a putter. Today, Kevin Burns milled putters still incorporate tungsten weights ensuring a sleek head shape within modern weight specifications. Expertly engineered, Kevin Burns Putters feature a larger toe weight and smaller heel weight ensuring a well-balanced and sweet spot dead center. 

Meticulously Crafted In The United States Of America 

Completely crafted onsite, Kevin Burns Golf is proud to design, manufacture, and hand finish every putter right outside San Francisco, CA USA. Made with the finest materials and using the most advanced CNC milling techniques, Kevin Burns Golf strives to ensure that each step is producing the best-milled putter on the market. To sum it all up, nothing will ever leave our facility short of perfect.

See the Difference Feel the Difference. 

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