Custom Putter Options


 Our Process 

  • We pride ourselves on building your dream putter from the ground up. We can incorporate any milling, graphics, and text you may desire. To keep it short and sweet, the sky is the limit with your custom one off putter.
  • We highly recommend you schedule a fitting at our studio in Santa Clara, California to gather your exact specifications. To learn more about our fitting please click here.
  • Please note that our current estimated lead time is 6-8 weeks for satin silver finish and 7-8 weeks for DLC satin black. 

Material: We craft all of our putters from 303 GSS 

Pick your model: Choose from five head shapes... Models- 9302, 9304, 9306, 703LN, 9309, 9310, 

Hand: Right or Left.

Length (in): From 31.5 - 39.5.

Lie (°): All lies are custom and milled to specification

Weight (G): From 340G - 370G.

Custom engraving - Choose from a wide variety of graphics we offer or create your own.

We can accommodate most text or artwork you may desire on your putter.

Neck: Plumber, Slant Over Hosel- flow neck, Slant In Hosel, Nub Neck- single bend shaft, face balance, Mid slant in the hosel.

Line Configuration: 1 Line (line in cavity), 1 line (line on top), 2 lines (line on top and line in cavity.... recommended), Dot (dot on top), No line configuration , Dot on top + line in cavity (dot + line).

Pick Your Face Milling: KB's signature pyramid grooves (our most popular)- Tiny pyramids CNC milled into the face to reduce sound of the club hitting the ball and increases vibration to the hands. For those looking for a soft and pure feel. Copper insert- the density of copper deadens the sound of the club hitting the ball as well as maintains a the beauty of the putter. Standard- No insert or pyramid grooves. Light face milling for optimal feel.

Finish: Flame, satin black DLC, and satin silver.

Paint fills: white, black, orange, red, magenta, salmon pink, violet, process blue, peacock blue, robin egg blue, emerald green, and yellow.

Grip: Choose from an assortment of custom Pure grips.

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